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Believe, learn, share. LEARNING HAPPENS is pure practice instead of dry theory.

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Know-how and practice for all those who want to learn to cut hair.

You want to learn to cut hair. You're actually doing something completely different. But haircutting interests you. Always have been, actually. You're curious and maybe you've already picked up the scissors. You want to learn something new. Beyond hair and beyond mere YouTube tutorials.

You only want to learn from the best.

Then we have something for you here. Learn to cut hair like in Vienna's top salon of the new generation. The minusplus.SCHOOL is an innovative learning lab where you can learn to cut hair online in 21 days pls 9 days. 

And you will learn from the urban professionals. With the minusplus method, which has been developed over 15 years and extensively tested in everyday life in 5 salons.

Believe, learn, share.

The minusplus method® is pure practice instead of dry theory.

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